Scotia Speedworld Publishes
2013 rules packages

The 2013 rules for Trucks, Thunder and Lightning Cars have been posted. The Sportsman rules will follow, as we are still working with the other tracks to create a common rule package. Bandolero and Legend Cars rules continue to be established by US legend Cars.

Since we do not make many changes in Trucks, Lightning Car, Thunder Car and US Legends does Bandolero and Legend Car rules, we have decided not to have driver’s meetings for these divisions. We did not want to bring everyone together with nothing new to present. During the racing and the off-seasons we have many discussions with drivers about rule topics. Lawrence Hopper is available to answer any tech questions drivers may have and his telephone number is in the rules section.

Once the Sportsman common rule package is finalized, we will post it. We will decide once we have the final package if we require a meeting. The purpose of the common rule package is to allow teams the ability to visit different tracks with their car, without having to change a lot of the car. The seven Maritime tracks have invested a lot of effort to come together on the rules and we hope to have a finished package very soon.

One thing for everyone to be aware of is a planned update to our safety rules. Our plan is to update helmet requirements for the 2014 season. We are in the process of researching SNELL ratings and will choose an appropriate rating. This is mentioned now to allow some of you who will require a helmet update, to plan for 2014.